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Wine Makers of North Greece

Macedonia – Thrace – Epirus


he common vision of pioneering winemakers from North Greece, is the solid framework and promising basis for the creation of the association ``Winemakers of North Greece``, based on the promotion of a brand image for Greek high-quality wine, with indigenous and international grape varieties, the evolution of viticulture and winemaking, as well as the dissemination of wine culture to the wider public.

With a focus on collegiality and on the highest quality of bottled wine production, the members of the association “Winemakers of North Greece” hold annually a multitude of activities including wine tasting events, exhibitions and thematic wine tastings, educational seminars, wine tourism proposals and much more.

In addition, as a collective body, the Association is involved with actions concerning the wine legislation, development, promotion and protection of branded high-quality Greek wine, the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) designations, the conscious choice of branded wine against anonymous bulk wine and, above all, the safe consumption.

Ένωση Οινοποιών Βορείου Ελλάδος


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PDO Wines

Protected Designation of Origin

dΕΝΟΑΒΕ Γευσιγνωσίες Κρασιού
PGI Wines

Protected Geographical Indication


Discover the wineries participating in each wine route

Wine Roads

Of Northern Greece

Follow the Wine Roads of Northern Greece, compose the itinerary of your choice, adding the wineries and all the other points of interest (wine tourism destinations, restaurants, accommodation) and activities you would like to combine.

PDO Regions

There are 6 PDO regions in Northern Greece:

PDO Amynteon

The PDO region Amynteon lies in Amynteo, around Lake Vegoritida

PDO Goumenissa

The PDO region Goumenissa extends around the foothills of Mount Paiko, around the town of Goumenissa

PDO Zitsa

The PDO region Zitsa is in Epirus

PDO Naoussa

The PDO region Naoussa lies around the town of Naoussa on the foothills of Mount Vermion

PDO Meliton Slopes

The PDO region Slopes of Meliton is located in Halkidiki, on the slopes of Mount Meliton on the Sithonia peninsula

PDO Rapsani

The PDO region Rapsani lies on the foothills of Mount Olympus


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Macedonia – Thrace – Epirus

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