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Wine Route

Of the Olympian Gods

Wine Roads of North Greece

he valley of Tempi is the natural southern boundary of the Wine Roads of North Greece. Here, in the crystal-clear waters of the springs, the Muses purified Apollo after the death of the dragon Python, the mythology tells us. The first Route of the Wine Roads of North Greece begins from here, the Route of the Olympus Gods.

Perched at 800 meters from the southeastern foothills of Olympus, Rapsani overlooks the deep blue Aegean, the Thermaic Gulf, the beaches of Halkidiki, the ridges of Ossa, and the Thessalian plain. Its vineyard is spread in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Greece, on the mountain slopes of the prophet Elias. The legend of Nectar, the drink of the gods of Olympus, was born on these peaks.

Here is the PDO Rapsani zone. The PDO Rapsani wine is produced exclusively from the co-vinification of the three red varieties: Xinomavro, Krasato, and Stavroto.

Rapsani is known for its festivals and its local pies.

From Rapsani, very quickly, one can visit Krania, a village built on the eastern slope of Kato Olympus, at an altitude of 700 meters. In front of it stretches panoramic the plain of the mouth of the Pinios and the Aegean Sea.

Then, we take the National Road to go up to Pydna Pieria. On the way, under the gaze of the mythical Olympus with its mountain peaks, shelters, mountaineering routes, and its incomparable beauties, the visitor will meet the sandy beaches of Platamonas, where he will enjoy the beautiful beaches and fresh fish restaurants and seaside taverns. In Agios Panteleimon, you will admire the traditional settlement and the Venetian castle. Finally, in ancient Zeus, he will visit the city with the sanctuaries of the gods of the Macedonians, a unique example of ancient Macedonian architecture.

ΕΝΟΑΒΕ Διαδρομή Των Θεών του Ολύμπου

In addition to the wineries of the Route, the hostels, restaurants, local workshops, and alternative tourism businesses, the visitor can meet even more tourist proposals which are:

  • The settlement of Rapsani, its beautiful, paved square with plane trees, and the Wine & Vine Museum.
  • Archaeological site of Dion
  • Platamonas (castle, beaches)
  • Traditional settlement of Skotina
  • Traditional settlement of Paleo Panteleimon
  • Litochoro-Olympus (shelters-mountaineering tourism)
  • Tempi
  • Various places with beaches for swimming and fish taverns such as Leptokarya, Makrigiallos, Methoni.

At the end of the Route, the visitor will follow the Egnatia Odos to tour west on Naoussa, Limni, Epirus, and Pella-Goumenissa or continue Thessaloniki following the Wine Routes of North Greece in Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Eastern Macedonia, and Thrace.

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