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Wine Route

Of Halkidiki

Wine Roads of North Greece

he Halkidiki Wine Route starts from Agios Pavlos on the Halkidiki peninsula. It continues to Porto Carras in Sithonia, ascends to the mountainous Halkidiki, and ends at Agios, Mount Athos.

In the seaside resorts, you will find taverns that spread their tables on the sea and enjoy fresh fish with delicious seafood delicacies.

Sithonia, the middle peninsula of Halkidiki, is full of picturesque harbors, sandy beaches, green areas, and coastal settlements.

You will visit the Parthenon, a puppet-like mountain village that, while abandoned by its inhabitants in the 1970s, is now being revived by the pioneers who bought and restored its stone houses, preferring a healthy mountain climate tranquility and magnificent views. In Neos Marmaras, you will find several fish taverns that lay their checkered tablecloths on the sand, almost to the sea, and serve masterfully cooked fish and refreshing wine.

The tour of the Halkidiki Wine Route continues north to the beautiful town of Arnaia. Then, through traditional mountain villages, the route reaches the ancient Stageira, home of Aristotle, and the seaside Olympiada, a beautiful tourist village.

Returning further south, on the eastern peninsula of Halkidiki, is the Athonite state. In all the monasteries of Mount Athos, there is a long tradition in the art of viticulture and wine production. Nevertheless, the visit to the vineyard of Mount Athos can be done only by men.

Visitors of the Halkidiki Wine Route can accompany their wine tastings by hosting and tasting high-quality local recipes and quality local products and alternative leisure activities at the cooperating companies – members of the Wine Roads.

ΕΝ Διαδρομή της Χαλκιδικής

The following remarkable sights and activities frame the tour of the Halkidiki Route:

  • Archeological Museum of Poligiros
  • Ancient Stagira
  • Olynthus
  • Toroni Castle
  • Arnea
  • Rentina Castle
  • Ierissos
  • Kalithea
  • Ouranoupoli
  • Visit to the Mount Athos monasteries
  • Tour of Mount Athos by boat

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