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Wine Route

Of Pella - Goumenissa

Wine Roads of North Greece

he Wine Route of Goumenissa - Pella, geographically belongs to the Prefectures of Kilkis and Pella and involves the vinicultural regions of Goumenissa and Giannitsa.

In the picturesque town of Goumenissa, capital of the province of Paionia, there is the Designation of Origin Zone of Superior Quality Goumenissa. The zone is located 70 km from Thessaloniki and extends to the outskirts of Paikos.

Descending to the east, we meet the archaeological site of ancient Pella with its unique mosaic floors and the museum of the same name.

The discovery of places, flavors and aromas continues west, to the Aridaia region and the villages around the Kaimaktsalan ski centre before heading to the valley of Pella. Picturesque hotels, cosy tavernas, traditional shops and outdoor leisure activities await visitors along the route.

Other places of interest worth a visit are:

  • The traditional mountainous settlement of Kastaneri, in Paiko
  • Kilkis (archaeological museum, folklore museum, war museum, museum of natural history)
  • The folklore museum of Goumenissa
  • The Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary in Goumenissa
  • The Holy Monastery of St. Nikodimos, Pentalofos in Goumenissa
  • The Holy Monastery of St. Rafail, Grivas-Pella
ΕΝΟΑΒΕ Διαδρομή της

An interesting suggestion is visiting the area on St.Trifonas` day (February 1st) to witness the happenings on the occasion of the celebration in memory of the patron saint of viniculture.

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