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Frontzou Politia

Boutique Hotel

Frontzou State combines History, Tradition and Today, providing Event, Accommodation, Catering, Entertainment and Conference tourism with emphasis on Quality and Aesthetics.

In our restaurant the visitor comes in contact with the continental gastronomy, through a delicious experience with local character and not only, made with pure raw materials, by local producers. In “Frontzou Politia” the hotel harmoniously combines traditional features with modern comforts. It has 8 double rooms, 3 quadruple suites (one double) and a junior double suite with privileged views, all different from each other.

The bright colors, inspired by the Greek countryside, the handmade furniture (paneled beds – hand-painted beds), and the Zagorian fireplaces, compose a space with very traditional features which in combination with all modern comforts and facilities make your stay unique.

The certified, handmade Greek traditional breakfast, comes to complete in the best way your stay, in a specially designed space overlooking the whole city and the lake!


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