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Traditional Guest House

In the central square of Metsovo, above the impressive park is the traditional hotel ``Galaxias`` which has been operating since 1960. The friendly service and the traditional warm decoration of stone and wood rank the hotel high in the preferences of the visitors.

It has hosted great personalities such as Kings Frederick and Paul and many others. All rooms and suites have been recently renovated and are decorated with traditional rugs and bell towers that “awaken” the home mood. Your breakfast starts with Metsovite delicacies made from local products.

At the same time, the restaurant “Galaxias” operates, which due to this excellent local cuisine, has stolen the hearts of guests and visitors of Metsovo in general. Handmade pies, trachanas, meatballs with leeks, pork pan, game but also the famous Metsovite kontosouvli and kokoretsi are just some of the delicacies that you will have the opportunity to try and which will surely take you off deliciously. Also from the rich wine cellar you will have the opportunity to choose wines from the winery of Metsovo and the wider area. The common area “keeps you company” with the cafeteria and the warm lounge and in addition to drinks and coffee you will have the opportunity to enjoy excellent mountain tea.


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