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Latest NewsJoin & Enjoy The International Xinomavro Day 2020 On Sunday November 1st

Join & Enjoy The International Xinomavro Day 2020 On Sunday November 1st

The “International Xinomavro Day” has been officially established with great success since last year (2019)! On Sunday, November 1st, 2020, the dominant red wine grape variety from Northern Greece celebrates the world wine map.

In recent years, the Greek wine industry has made significant efforts and great leaps in producing quality wines, enhancing the brand, and improving the image of the Greek vineyard both in Greece and abroad.

As a result, the indigenous varieties can be adopted by conscious consumers and true wine connoisseurs worldwide, like all the other international varieties.

The Association “Winemakers of North Greece” recognizes the charismatic “Xinomavro,” as it holds the top rank among the Greek varieties. Thus, it has been decided to establish the “International Xinomavro Day” to promote the noble variety worldwide.

After all, “Xinomavro,” one of the Greek ambassador varieties, is already recognized and appreciated beyond the borders.

The date of the celebration is November 1st, which marks the end of the harvest.

Greek winemakers invite food professionals, consumers, and friends of high-quality branded wines to spread this excellent idea by choosing XINOMAVRO on November 1st.

“Xinomavro,” red, rosé or white (blanc de noir), fresh or matured, dry, semi-dry or semi-sweet, semi-sparkling, sweet, or even as a grape marc spirit.

Besides, “Xinomavro” as a ” multi-dynamic” variety, can be found in different types and styles, sometimes classic-rustic and sometimes modern-innovative.

On November 1st, we can pay tribute to the Greek noble “Xinomavro” by opening a bottle or enjoying it by the glass, always in moderation, at home, or in a wine bar or restaurant or if you are in Greece, you can visit a winery producing this variety.

Moreover, we can do something more. To spread the news everywhere, within our work environment, our family, people that we randomly meet every day, in wine bars we use to go, in our preferred restaurant, share the idea on social media and with the closest people in our life.

In case you are involved in the wine or gastronomy industry, you could easily create an event for “Xinomavro” on November 1st to celebrate with your customers.

After all, wine can create bonds and unite us.

On November 1st, Earth is celebrating “Xinomavro”!

November 1st, “International Xinomavro Day.”

We wish you all the best and good luck with the “International Xinomavro Day”!!!

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