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Our restaurant is located in the village of Ag. Panteleimon and offers unique moments of tasting and relaxation with stunning views of Lake Vegoritida. In a warm and friendly environment you will find traditional recipes and flavors whose biggest secret is the pure ingredients and our passion for what we do. For this reason we grow our own vegetables, make our own wine and prepare traditional products with local raw materials which you can take with you leaving.

Our company operates all year round. In summer and spring you can have your meal in our beautiful courtyard or on our balcony with the unique view of Lake Vegoritida. In winter and autumn the hall of the restaurant is heated by the traditional fireplace with careful music while the view is generously given to the visitor through the crystal glass of our store. Noumidis restaurant promotes and supports the cultural activities of the area as every year we organize and actively participate in cultural events and festivals of the local community.


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