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Rodi Hellas

Specialized Pomegranate Products & Services

Our company RODI HELLAS S.A. established in 2006 and it’s a continuation of Stefanos Kassidis L.P. and offers a complete line of special products – services for the farmer. Offers solutions of alternative agriculture keeping in mind the best interest and the best support for the Greek farmer.

Our company started the pomegranate cultivation in Greece for the first time in 2006 with more than 100ha of pomegranate orchards all over the country and to this day we set up more than 1100ha in many regions.

We work with international institutes to offer the know-how for the pomegranate cultivation to our customers with responsibility and continuous research.

The cultivation is based on contractual agriculture and it is integrated in a complete management program so we can ensure our customer’s products  quality ,certification and their availability in international markets.

Our special trained staff offers excellent support for the Greek farmer.

         By providing consultation for the correct use of our products

         Consultation for fertilization, plant protection and irrigation

         Pomegranate seminars (pomegranate cultivation, fertigation, anti-freeze, preparation for harvesting)

Since 2011 we started the procession of pomegranates by producing a pomegranate product line. Our products go through the least possible procession so we can preserve the healthy characteristics of pomegranates to deliver them to our customers.


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