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Wine Route

Of Naoussa

Wine Roads of North Greece

he Wine Route of Naoussa is the most famous wine production area of Northern Greece. The most exquisite red variety of the northern Helladic area, the xinomavro, matures here, while many wineries can be visited in the area.

The route starts from Veria, 74 km from Thessaloniki and the small village of Vergina with the global archaeological interest for the findings and the homonymous museum where, among other things, tombs of Macedonian kings are kept. Then we reach Naoussa, the city famous for its waterfalls, spinning mills, carnival, and wine.

A Museum of Wine and Vine also operates in Naoussa, run by the Municipal Cultural Organisation of Naousa. The museum is based in the renovated I.Boutaris building, a neo-classical building which was built in 1908 by Ioannis Boutaris, as it can be seen on the marble stone at the facade. The building was constructed to be used as the first organised wine factory in Naoussa. The built tank with the bronze gates can still be found on the ground floor. In the Museum there are exhibits presenting the whole process of producing wine traditionally – from the vineyard till its storage in barrels – as well as small objects necessary to the production and consumption process. There is an indicative display of buckets, patokades, a winepress, vaenia, 500-pound bombs, barrels, tsipouro vases, sprinklers and sulphurators which are placed on the back, pruning-knives, wooden and iron taps, flagons, funnels, bottles made of glass, caps – corks, corkscrews – drills, jugs and decanters, wine glasses etc. Thanks to the Museum of Wine and Vine, one more element is added to the polymorphic local puzzle, enriching the wine-related tourism infrastructure of the area.

ΕΝΟΑΒΕ Διαδρομή της Νάουσας

An extensive list of selected hostels, restaurants, local product workshops, and companies offering alternative leisure activities is also available to visitors – the network members that complete the agritourism proposal of the Wine Roads of North Greece. Finally, it is necessary to visit several other remarkable places in the area, such as:

  • Vergina (Museum and archaeological site)
  • Veroia (Byzantine and Laterbyzantine Temples, Archaeological Museum)
  • Naoussa (park with panoramic views of the plain, Folklore Museum, waterfall of Subani, historical site of sacrifire of Naoussa women in 1822)
  • The Macedonian Tombs of Leykades in Naousa
  • Nymfaion of Mieza, right outside Naousa (the School of Aristotle)
  • Skiing Resort 3- 5 Pigadia
  • Skiing Resort Seli
  • Arapitsa
  • St. Nikolaos in Naousa (recreation area)

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