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T'Apostoli Vineyard


postolis Vineyard is an organic family-run winery-distillery located in the village of Ampeloi, 25 km southwest of the town of Serres in an area with 3,000 acres of vineyards. The winery was established in 2004 and to this day we combine modern viticulture technology with traditional organic farming, having received a good practice award from the European Observatory. We cultivate both international and Greek grape varieties which are located in the privately owned vineyards of 65 acres.

In our winery the wine lovers can enjoy wines of high international standards (ISO 2020) while the philosophy of the Domaine so far has set as a priority to guarantee the quality of the product

Visit our recently renovated organic winery and be introduced to the mystical world of winemaking with a tour Learn how to combine your wine with the right meal and let us guide you step by step into the delicious world of food & wine pairing with interactive workshops. Let us show you how to make your own accompanying cold dish and taste gastronomic dinners prepared by our chef upon reservation. If you are a foodie & nature lover, or if you are just looking for an alternative excursion we are waiting for you upon appointment for some Wine Tasting & Outdoor Barbeque in our premises.




Taking advantage of the ideal climatic conditions and based on the findings of soil surveys conducted in 2003, we concluded that refined French red varieties could be grown in our estate. For this reason, we decided to supply hybrid import climates from France and plant new vineyards in 2003.

For our red wines the red varieties we use are: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. For the same reasons, we cultivate the white French varieties of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. However, we are willing to preserve and promote our indigenous varieties, we produce white wines from Moscato of Alexandria, Moscato of Samos as well as Malagouzia, known for their intense aromas. One of the immediate priorities of the estate is to expand the cultivation of more Greek varieties in an experimental vineyard that we have just cultivated in an effort to promote them.


A vineyard since 479 BC

Our property owns 65 acres of vineyards, which are scattered at a distance of 1 km from the winery and on the outskirts of Mount Vertiskos at an altitude of 50m to 150 m. All vineyards are dry with an average yield of 500 kg per acre for the white wines and 600 kilos for the red wines. The soil is sandy and with limestone clay, rich in trace elements and ingredients for the cultivation of the vine.

Our wines belong to the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) zone of Serres. Our winery since 2004 applies strictly the rules of organic farming with respect for the environment and the consumer. We are certified by the organic farming organization of D.I.O, which is one of the most valuable and reliable European certification bodies.

Location:  Vineyards of Serres
Total area:  60 acres
Orientation: Ground slope: Eastern, on slightly elevated hills
Altitude: 50-150 meters

In addition to the certification of the vineyards, our winery also proceeded to the certification of both the winery and the Distillery for the entire stage of the production process until the final bottling. After 15 years of experience, our difficult project for organic farming, which we started as pioneers in the prefecture and in the country in 2003, was embraced by both the public and our fellow viticulturists. Regarding tsipouro, we are the first to get approval for the production and bottling of organic tsipouro in Greece.


Alexander the Great, when he was king of Visaltia based in ancient Vergi, had developed wine cultivation in the wider area as early as 479 BC. Ancient Visaltia belonged to the area of ancient Macedonia, between Mount Vertiskos which was its western border, and Strymon and Lake Kerkinitis, which was the eastern one. It is located in the geographical area that today includes the area of Nigrita and Lake Kerkini. The Visaltes were an ancient tribe stepping from eastern Macedonia, who used to live in the west side of the river Strymon and produced a lot of wine that was the sacred drink of the god Dionysus.

Our vineyards are situated in the center of this area and in honor of the history of Visalta our first wine was named Visaltikos.


The climate is characterized as Mediterranean with increased rainfall, harsher winters and short vegetation period for the vineyards located at the foot of the mountain. The average monthly temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius from October and rises again in May. The coldest months are January and February where early and late frosts are observed.

Wine Roads of North Greece

The vineyard is open to the public by appointment

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