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Peppers Of Florina Naoumidis

Since 1972, the family Naoumidi, aiming to highlight and promote the genuine form of the Lady of vegetables, produces handmade way roducts exclusively as a raw material of local varieties of pepper.

Specifically, in Agios Panteleimonas of the prefecture of Florina, at an altitude of

about six hundred meters, fifty acres cultivate red pepper, which is processed and

prepared in our stone unit. Indeed, to ensure the quality and authenticity of the

variety, we maintain our own seedbed.

The characteristics: the width, the authentic peppers of Florina, which in recent years

claim its identity among dozens hybrid variants appropriated her name placed on the

European agora. Red with thick flesh, relatively short, since the amount of not

exceeding on average thirteen centimeters sweet flavor, grows in dry microclimates

and its roots lie in the prefecture of Florina.

The export network, apart from Russia, mainly includes European countries like

Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Estonia, France, England, Sweden,

Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, our clientele consists

mostly from delicatessen shops, is by people who appreciate the value of handmade.

Apart from their natural growing, the greatest virtue of peppers Naoumidi is that no


In other words, they abused the burners to cook or put laundry to peel. Their baking is carried out on the grill and lasts twenty minutes while peeling made with hands. This stage is the most important part of the overall process and here lies the

secret of freshness of products of pepper.

The moustopiperia is raw fresh pepper, which is filled with cabbage, celery, carrot and garlic and then matured in a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar (from sour black grapes) and grape. Equally tasty and high nutritional value are the other products that are either derived from another variety (tomatopiperia, small hot pepper, etc.) or have been otherwise processed, for example, the sun-dried pepper or hot pepper sauce.

The cultivation and processing of our products are organic, and the plant is approved by ISO 22.000: 2018


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