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Doltso Restaurant

Authentic Homemade Food

20 years ago, we evaluated our paternal mansion, the vision dates back to 1860, demanding the use of Pouliopoulos for 4 generations.

We turned the ground floor of the mansion when it is stone in a restaurant, given the original diagram and style of the demolition so that I can transfer to each original content, a traditional hospitality and of course in the authentic particularity food.

The work of the diary is not at all a dialogue with allied raw materials and the pure tools that we offer to the majority and were fired biologically and the prospects from little information by our users.

We follow the seasonal chronology for our dishes always using seasonal ingredients and so for example in winter you will taste wonderful sarmades with cabbage seasoned in brine while in summer all the wonderful mommy summer dishes like stuffed zucchini, imam, briam but many fresh salads .

Kastoria is a noble city with rich gastronomic interest that you can cover in our restaurant with unique recipes such as makalo, pork with plums, gaigana, pies, knuckle, zigouri and other unique recipes.

In combination with our updated wine cellar with local wines, of wider area and of Macedonia we believe that you can enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


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