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To Xasapaki

Butcher Shop

Since 1976, the butcher shop ``To Xasapaki`` has been operating in Rodopoli, Serres, a business of processing and retail-wholesale of livestock products. Nasos Kokkonas, a second generation butcher, took over the butcher shop in 1985, followed by a third generation Emilios Kokkonas.

For several years now, “To Xasapaki” has created a series of standard products in vacuum packaging based on buffalo meat: buffalo kavourma, smoked buffalo meat, buffalo sausages and buffalo salami. There are also fresh buffalo sutzu cakes as well as buffalo and burger meat burgers. In addition to buffalo products, the company manufactures and standardizes smoked ham and smoked pork oregano, pork sausages, as well as meat roasts (beef, pork & sheep). Of course, the whole range of beef, buffalo, lamb and goat.

Our buffalo products are made from 100% buffalo meat without impurities because we believe that its characteristic taste should be preserved. We support local producers. The meat we use in our business comes from animals raised in small family units located in villages around Lake Kerkini. In our grocery store we have items that are produced in small units or household appliances.


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